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Attack: Wordpress Easy WP SMTP Unauthenticated Arbitrary Import 3

Severity: High

This attack could pose a serious security threat. You should take immediate action to stop any damage or prevent further damage from happening.


This signature detects attempts to exploit an arbitrary code execution vulnerability in WordPress Easy WP SMTP Plugin.

Additional Information

WordPress is a PHP-based content manager. Easy WP SMTP is a plugin for WordPress.

The Easy WP SMTP plugin for WordPress is prone to a remote code-execution vulnerability that exists in the 'admin_init()' function of the 'easy-wp-smtp.php' source file. Specifically, this issue affects the 'export/import' functionality. Successful exploits may allow an attacker to modify 'wp_user_roles' option that controls the permissions of the 'subscriber' role on WordPress sites.

Attackers can exploit this issue to execute arbitrary code in the context of the affected application. Failed exploit attempts will likely cause a denial-of-service condition.

Easy WP SMTP plugin 1.3.9 is vulnerable; other versions may also be affected.


  • Plugin version 1.3.9


Updates are available. Please see the references or vendor advisory for more information.

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