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Certified Definitions - Detections Added

Please refer to the table(s) below for a complete listing of threats detected in the latest certified Definitions available via LiveUpdate and the Symantec Security Response Web site.

You may also scan for threats now by using the free online Symantec Security Check.

Certified Defs created Certified Defs released Defs Version Extended Defs Version Sequence Number Total Detections
6/30/2015 6/30/2015 170630t 6/30/2015 rev. 20 165714 40543821
New detections added for this release (1):
Threat Severity Type Discovered
Exp.CVE-2015-3113 Trojan 06/30/2015
Detections modified for this release (82):
Threat Severity Type Discovered
Adware.Adpopup Adware
Adware.Begin2search Adware
Adware.Crossid Adware
Adware.DealPly Adware
Adware.Eorezo Adware
Backdoor.Bifrose Trojan 10/12/2004
Backdoor.Destover Trojan 12/01/2014
Backdoor.Formador 12/10/2003
Backdoor.Graybird Trojan Horse 04/02/2003
Backdoor.IRC.Bot Trojan 05/02/2003
Backdoor.Trojan Trojan 02/11/1999
Backdoor.Winnti.B Trojan 08/30/2012
Backdoor.ZXShell Trojan 02/23/2012
DDoS.Trojan Trojan 02/24/2004
Downloader 08/08/2001
Downloader.MisleadApp Trojan 06/11/2007
Downloader.Upatre Trojan 11/20/2013
Hacktool Trojan 08/17/2001
Hacktool.Rootkit 09/27/2001
Infostealer Trojan 12/08/1997
Infostealer.Bancos 07/17/2003
Infostealer.Banker.C Trojan 04/02/2007
Infostealer.Dyre Trojan 06/16/2014
Infostealer.Gampass Trojan 11/12/2006
Infostealer.Limitail Trojan 09/07/2012
JS.Downloader Trojan 10/27/2003
PUA.Astromenda Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.Downloader Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.Gamevance Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.Gen.2 Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.Gen.4 Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.Goobzo Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.Linkular Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.OpenCandy Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.OptimizerPro Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.OptimumInstaller Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.RegCleanPro Misleading Application
PUA.SearchProtect Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.SwVersionUpdater Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.VOPackage Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.Wajam Potentially Unwanted App
PUA.Yontoo.C Potentially Unwanted App 04/02/2014
Pwdump Security Assessment Tool
SecurityRisk.Downldr Other
Spyware.Ardakey Spyware
Spyware.Keylogger Spyware
Trojan Horse Trojan 02/19/2004
Trojan.Anserin Trojan Horse 11/23/2005
Trojan.Asprox.B Trojan 04/04/2014
Trojan.Bedep Trojan 01/28/2015
Trojan.Cridex Trojan 01/23/2015
Trojan.Cryptodefense Trojan 03/26/2014
Trojan.Cryptolocker.E Trojan 04/13/2014
Trojan.Dropper Trojan 02/02/2002
Trojan.FakeAV Trojan 10/10/2007
Trojan.Fakeavlock Trojan 06/21/2012
Trojan.Gen Trojan 02/19/2010
Trojan.Gen.2 Trojan 08/20/2010
Trojan.Gen.SMH Trojan 10/26/2012
Trojan.Gen.SMH.2 Trojan 07/22/2014
Trojan.Maljava Trojan Virus 10/19/2010
Trojan.Mdropper Trojan 03/19/2005
Trojan.Milicenso Trojan 07/14/2010
Trojan.Pandex Trojan 01/05/2007
Trojan.Skintrim Trojan Horse 12/12/2006
Trojan.Smoaler Trojan 10/05/2011
Trojan.Swifi Trojan 07/23/2009
Trojan.Swort Trojan 10/24/2014
Trojan.Webkit!html Trojan 10/09/2007
Trojan.Zbot Trojan 01/10/2010
Trojan.Zeroaccess.C Trojan 08/08/2012
W32.IRCBot.NG Worm 04/07/2011
W32.Mydoom.M@mm Worm 07/26/2004
W32.Rontokbro@mm 09/23/2005
W32.SillyFDC Worm 02/27/2007
W32.Spybot.Worm Worm 04/16/2003
W97M.Downloader Trojan 12/15/2004
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