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The system with the files to back up, archive, or restore.

A requesting program or user in a client/server relationship. For example, the user of a Web browser is effectively making client requests for pages from servers all over the Web. The browser itself is a client in its relationship with the computer that is getting and returning the requested HTML file.

A computer or program that uses shared resources from another computer, called a server. In the context of Symantec Sygate Enterprise Protection or Symantec Network Access Control software, client refers to a Symantec Protection Agent or Symantec Enforcement Agent running on a workstation, desktop computer, or laptop that reports to a Policy Manager. Clients can be organized into groups. See also client group, server, Symantec Protection Agent, Symantec Enforcement Agent, Symantec Policy Manager.

A program that makes requests of or transmits data to a parent server program.

Any computer system that requests a service of another computer system. A workstation requesting the content of a file from a file server is a client of the file server. Clients rely on servers for resources such as files.

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