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data conversion

The conversion of configuration files (used to connect to a host computer, for example) from an earlier version of pcAnywhere so that you can use them in the current version. You can also use data conversion to import or export configuration files to or from text files for record-keeping purposes.

In Symantec pcAnywhere, a collection of Windows NT computers defined by the administrator of a Windows NT server network that shares a common directory database. A domain provides access to centralized user and group accounts maintained by the administrator.

In Symantec pcAnywhere, to transfer a copy of a file from a distant or host computer to the local computer by means of a modem or network. In pcAnywhere, the process generally requires the remote computer to instruct the host computer to begin the transfer to the remote, which then stores the incoming file on disk. See also upload.

In Symantec pcAnywhere, a computer that is controlled by the remote computer.

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