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fibre channel

A high speed storage network that can operate over copper wire or optical fiber and may support simultaneous transfer of many different data protocols, including SCSI, IPI, HiPPI, IP, and ATM.

A type of high-speed network composed of either optical or copper cable and employing the Fibre Channel protocol. NetBackup supports both arbitrated loop and switched fabric (switched fibre channel) environments.

A collective name for the fibre optic technology that is commonly used to set up a storage area network (SAN) or virtual fabric (VSAN). A set of standards capable of transferring data between ports and through network devices at higher speeds and over significantly greater distances than SCSI technology, Fibre Channel supports point-to-point, loop, and fabric topologies.

A collective name for the fiber optic technology that is commonly used to set up a Storage Area Network (SAN).

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