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Symantec Control Compliance Suite - Patch Assessment Content Update 2014-19

September 12, 2014


Patch Assessment Content Updates (PACU) for Control Compliance Suite 11.0 delivers patch updates for the supported operating systems and applications.


This PACU includes all applicable security updates released in September 2014 for Windows and UNIX operating systems on raw data content.  


Improvements have been made for the Comprehensive Windows Patch Assessment Standard in SCU 2013-2 by upgrading the patch scan xml from hfnetchk6b.xml to hf7b.xml. SCU 2013-2 is enhanced to support data collection using the hf7b.xml. Therefore, installation of SCU 2013-2 or a later version is now a prerequisite for installation of PACU 2013-22 and later versions.


Note: You must apply Quick Fix 10422 before installing PACU 2014-2 and later.

A new signing certificate is used for all CCS files that are signed after February 2, 2014. Quick Fix 10422 includes the Symantec.CSM.AssemblyVerifier.dll, which contains the updated CCS certificate information necessary to validate the certificate.

You can download the Quick Fix 10422 from the following location: http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH215034


Note: Latest HP-UX patches are not included in this release.


Download PACU 2014-19: CCS_11_0_2014-19_PACU_Win.exe


MD5: 58113196d9d8a2cb79bfc19ecc9b3dbe


Note: Refer to the Release Notes for detailed information about the updates released in this PACU.






In the LiveUpdate workspace, the current PACU version is visible in the following format:





For Message-based Content, download the following Patch Policy.


Download Patch Policy: BestPractice_OS_Patch_Updates.exe



MD5: 46580d19f8025127816a3d5bb5d526eb


Note: For more information regarding this update, download the Patch Policy Release Notes

Symantec_ESM_ Patch_Policy_Release_Notes_2014.09.01.pdf


Last modified on: September 12, 2014
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