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Symantec Enterprise Security Manager - Symantec™ Enterprise Security Manager10.0 Manager Update

June 11, 2010


Symantec™ Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) 10.0 Manager Update provides updated binary for ESM 10.0 Manager on Windows.

This Manager update provides a fix for the localization issue found in ESM 10.0, which applies to the (Japanese build) ESM 10.0 Windows Manager.

Note: This update is provided for a localization issue and hence is not required for customers who use the English build.

The defect observed is as follows:
  • Some policy modules are displayed in English for the Japanese Localized build.

This issue is fixed in this update for ESM Manager.

Symantec response

The customers who are using (Japanese) ESM 10.0 on Windows, must download the .zip file from the following location:

ESM 10.0 Windows Manager Update

After you download the .zip file, do the following:
  1. Extract the binaries and save them at the following location: \Symantec\10.0\ESMWinMgr\windows\esmmanager.exe
  2. Stop the Symantec ESM Manager service.
  3. Take a backup of esmmanager.exe located at: \Symantec\ESM\bin\
  4. Replace the old binary with the downloaded ESM Manager binary.
  5. Delete all string*.dat files. For example, stringJPN.dat located at: \Enterprise Security Manager\ESM\system\\db
  6. Start the Symantec ESM Manager service.
  7. Re-register the agent.
Last modified on: June 11, 2010
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