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Symantec Enterprise Security Manager - Symantec™ Enterprise Security Manager – ESM 10.0 Suite Installer Update for Windows

December 1, 2010



Symantec™ Enterprise Security Manager – ESM 10.0 Suite Installer Update provides information about the fix for the issue observed when you install ESM 10.0 Manager on supported Windows platforms using the Suite Installer. Sometimes though the installation procedure is completed due to password corruption, the agent registration to the Manager fails and the Manager cannot be added to any ESM console. The Manager installation cannot be used for any other tasks like agent registration or performing a policy run.

This fix applies only to the ESM customers who face the password corruption issue during ESM 10.0 Manager installation on supported Windows platforms using Suite Installer.

Note: This issue is observed only for an ESM 10.0 fresh installation and not in the case of upgrade to ESM 10.0.

Symantec Response

Symantec has released the modified ESM 10.0 Suite Installer to fix the issue. You can download the ESM Suite Installer from the following location:
Download ESM 10.0 Suite Installer.

Steps to apply the fix

Use the following steps to apply the fix:

1. Uninstall the ESM 10.0 Manager.
2. Download the ESM Suite Installer.
3. Install ESM 10.0 Manager using the downloaded ESM Suite Installer.

For instructions to install ESM 10.0 Manager, refer to the Enterprise Security Manager 10.0 Installation Guide.
Last modified on: December 1, 2010
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