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Security Updates

Security Updates give you the most recent protection content for your Symantec security products.

Symantec Control Compliance Suite

Security Content Updates

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Security Content Updates (SCU) are only available to customers who have a current maintenance and support agreement with Symantec for Control Compliance Suite. Your use of SCU will be governed by the terms of your maintenance and support agreement. If you do not have such an agreement, you are not authorized to download or use SCU.

Security Content Update

Security Content Update (SCU) provides periodic security content updates for raw-data and message based data collection on Symantec Control Compliance Suite™ 11.1.x, 11.5.x, and 12.x.

SCU includes updates for the following:

  • Raw-data and message based content updates in the form of enhanced standards and checks
  • Raw-data and message based content for agent-based and agent-less data collections
  • Support and enhancements for new platforms
  • Message-based content updates in the form of enhanced modules

For detailed information about SCU, refer to the SCU_Getting_Started_Guide.pdf.

SCU_Getting_Started_Guide_11.1.pdf (Affected Versions: 11.1.x and 11.5.x)
SCU_Getting_Started_Guide_12.0.pdf (CCS version: 12.x)


Date Name
12/13 Security Content Update 2012-4


Date Name
08/30 Security Content Update 2012-3
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