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Security Updates

Security Updates give you the most recent protection content for your Symantec security products.

Symantec Enterprise Security Manager

Symantec Enterprise Security Manager™ automates the discovery of security vulnerabilities and deviations from the security policy in mission critical applications and servers across the enterprise. Symantec Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) provides enterprise-class tools that allow administrators to create security baselines for every system on the network and measure performance against those baselines to ensure that devices are properly configured and being used in accordance with policies. Using ESM, administrators can quickly and cost-effectively create and manage online security policies and user-defined security domains, identify systems that are not in compliance, and correct faulty security settings on systems at any location to bring them back into compliance.

Application Modules

ESM Application modules reports on various databases and provide new security content and modules to support new application versions, checks, templates, and enhancements.

Checks and Template Reference

ESM checks and template reference contains information about the Symantec ESM modules, checks, and messages, and templates.
Save the CHM to your local computer. After launching the CHM from your local computer, if the CHM does not display any topics, visit the following Microsoft Help and Support site and refer to the section on RESOLUTION: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/902225

ESM Agent Downloads

ESM Agents download provides the download information for the supported Symantec Enterprise Security Manager™ (ESM) 10.0/9.0.1/9.0/6.5.x/6.0 agents.

Industry Standards Policies

ESM industry standards policies are configured to harden specific OS platforms and applications based on Symantec security research of various industry standards

Network Assessment Module

Network assessment content update adds vulnerability assessment to Symantec ESM. Vulnerability assessment evaluates operating systems, and applications on computer systems and other network devices for missing fixes to known problems.

Patch Policies

ESM Patch policies checks for the updated Patch templates for the supported operating systems and applications that are delivered with the security update releases.

Program Updates

ESM program updates provide bug fixes and program enhancements to the Symantec Enterprise Security Manager console, managers, and agents.

Regulatory Policies

ESM regulatory policies are configured to harden specific OS platforms and applications based on Symantec security research of various supported industry regulations.

Security Updates

ESM Security Updates SUs provide six monthly security content and modules to support new operating system versions, module enhancements, updated patch templates, and other security content.
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