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CS.Galadriel Virus

Risk Level 1: Very Low

February 13, 2007 11:56:13 AM

When an infected script is run, CS.Galadriel checks to see if the current date is June 6th, with the intent of displaying a dialog box on that date containing the message:

Ai! laurië lantar lassi súrinen!.

Yéni únótime ve rámar aldaron,

yéni ve linte yuldar vánier

mi oromardi lisse-miruvóreva

Andúne pella Vardo tellumar

nu luini yassen tintilar i eleni

ómaryo airetári-lirinen.


The date check is flawed, however, so it is unlikely that this will be seen.

Regardless of the date, Galadriel will scan the current directory (the directory containing the infected script) for uninfected scripts, and will attempt to write itself to the beginning of the first script it finds.

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  • Initial Rapid Release version December 14, 2000
  • Latest Rapid Release version December 14, 2000
  • Initial Daily Certified version December 14, 2000
  • Latest Daily Certified version December 14, 2000
  • Initial Weekly Certified release date pending
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Writeup By: Peter Pak

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