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Risk Level 1: Very Low

January 5, 1994
September 17, 2007 1:43:50 PM
Systems Affected:
The boot virus code is one sector in length with the infectious code being stored at side 0, track 0, sector 1 and the original master boot record code being stored at side 0, track 0 sector 2. On floppy disks, Stoned.Angelina calculates the last sector of the root directory and uses this location to store a copy of the original DOS boot sector.

In addition to standard viral replication, Stoned.Angelina contains a block of code designed to stealth (by means of redirection) any reads to the physical location side 0, track 0 sector 1 on both floppy disks and hard disks.

Contained within the virus code body is the following encrypted text, which is never displayed on the screen:
Greetings for ANGELINA!!!/by Garfield/Zielona Gora
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