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Risk Level 1: Very Low

February 13, 2007 11:59:22 AM
Also Known As:
VBS/Loveletter.ed, VBS/Loveletter.Gen, VBS_SPAMMER, VBS.Loveletter.FW.A

SARC, in conjunction with other anti-virus vendors, has renamed this worm from VBS.LoveLetter.FW.A to VBS.NewLove.A.

The VBS.NewLove.A is a worm, and spreads by sending itself to all addresses in the Outlook address book when it is activated. The attachment name is randomly chosen, but will always have a .Vbs extension. The subject header will begin with "FW: " and will include the name of the randomly chosen attachment (excluding the .VBS extension) Upon each infection, the worm introduces up to 10 new lines of randomly generated comments in order to prevent detection.

Antivirus Protection Dates

  • Initial Rapid Release version May 18, 2000
  • Latest Rapid Release version February 19, 2013 revision 016
  • Initial Daily Certified version May 18, 2000
  • Latest Daily Certified version February 4, 2011 revision 020
  • Initial Weekly Certified release date pending
Click here for a more detailed description of Rapid Release and Daily Certified virus definitions.
Writeup By: Andy Cianciotto

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