Risk Level 1: Very Low

February 13, 2007 11:58:05 AM

CODE-1 is a virus that first appeared in November 1993 at New York University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Swarthmore College. CODE-1 is designed to trigger if a users boots an infected computer on October 31 (Halloween). The virus renames the hard disk Trent Saburo. But, because of its odd infection characteristics, an infected system may crash or behave erratically.

CODE-1, which attacks the System file and many application files, infects in a circular fashion. When a user boots an infected computer, applications are infected as they are run. When an infected application is run, it attempts to infect the System file, and so on.

CODE-1 can easily spread from computer to computer if users exchange infected applications or an infected System file. Once users run an infected application on a clean system, the System file becomes infected. And once the System file is infected, the other clean applications quickly become infected too.

Antivirus Protection Dates

  • Initial Rapid Release version December 20, 2000
  • Latest Rapid Release version August 20, 2008 revision 017
  • Initial Daily Certified version December 20, 2000
  • Latest Daily Certified version August 20, 2008 revision 016
  • Initial Weekly Certified release date pending
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