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W32.Peelf.2132 - Removal

Risk Level 1: Very Low

March 27, 2001
February 13, 2007 11:36:00 AM
Also Known As:
Linux.Peelf.2132, W32.Winux, Linux.Winux, W32/Lindose

To remove this virus from Windows:
  1. Run LiveUpdate to make sure that you have the most recent virus definitions.
  2. Start Norton AntiVirus (NAV), and then run a full system scan, making sure that NAV is set to scan all files.
  3. If any files are detected as infected by W32.Peelf.2132, choose Repair.

To remove this virus from Linux:
Restore the files from backup until the next definitions update is available, which will repair these files.
Writeup By: peter ferrie

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