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Risk Level 2: Low

March 19, 2003
February 13, 2007 11:44:38 AM
Also Known As:
Systems Affected:

W32.Vote.D@mm is a mass mailing worm that attempts to use Microsoft Outlook to email itself to all the contacts in the Windows Address Book. It also attempts to overwrite and delete numerous files on the infected system.

The email has the following characteristics:

Subject: <Recipients.name>, WORLD TRADE CENTER PICTURES
Message: <Recipients.name>, Remember The Times.......MAYBE THEY WILL BE BACK....!!!
Attachment: WTC32.scr

This threat is written in Microsoft Visual Basic (VB). The VB run-time libraries must be installed for the worm to execute.

NOTE: Virus definitions dated prior to March 19, 2003 may detect this threat as Bloodhound.W32.VBWORM. Virus definitions dated March 19 may detect this threat as W32.HLLW.Der@mm.

Antivirus Protection Dates

  • Initial Rapid Release version March 19, 2003
  • Latest Rapid Release version September 28, 2010 revision 054
  • Initial Daily Certified version March 19, 2003
  • Latest Daily Certified version September 28, 2010 revision 036
  • Initial Weekly Certified release date March 19, 2003
Click here for a more detailed description of Rapid Release and Daily Certified virus definitions.
Writeup By: Robert X Wang

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