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February 13, 2007 11:38:17 AM
Total Velocity
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When you install Aware.MemoryMeter, it displays an End User License Agreemant (EULA) that includes the following text:

"Furthermore, by installing the Software on your computer, you understand that:
(i) certain system non-personally identifiable information, including statistical data, stored on your computer will be made available and transmittable to Total Velocity servers or the servers of affiliated companies of Total Velocity;
(ii) other information available now or in the future including links, services, messages advertisements, cookies and the like may be installed on your computer and;
(iii) Total Velocity may automatically transmit to and install on your computer, Software improvements, corrections, adaptations, conversions to more recent Software versions or any other changes to the Software, with or without giving notice."

If you agree to accept this, Adware.MemoryMeter creates several registry keys to ensure that it is memory-resident, and that it runs each time you start Windows.

These can include the modifications to or the creation of the following keys:




When the program is running, it periodically contacts the Total Velocity servers, looking for updates or further instructions.

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