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February 13, 2007 11:35:12 AM
Steve Suslow (ipend.com)
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Adware.iPend is an adware program that changes keywords in Web pages when a user is browsing the Web so that they become links to another Web site.

Adware.iPend periodically checks for, downloads, and executes updates to itself.


  • Files detected as Adware.iPend.
  • Internet Explorer crashes randomly.
  • Unusual amount of links (unrelated to the current Web site) in Web pages that all point to the same advertisement link.
  • The existence of any of the files listed in the "Technical Details" section.


Adware.iPend is usually installed when a Web site is visited. It may also be installed as a component of other programs. As the installation is silent, these Web sites or programs are responsible for displaying any kind of End User License Agreement (EULA) that would notify the user of the installation.

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