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February 13, 2007 11:39:22 AM
WareSight Inc.
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Spyware.Sa_PCSpy is a commercial spyware program that logs keystrokes, Web sites visited, programs used, and file and folder activity. It also has a screen capture logger and can be automatically run in a silent, undetectable mode.

These actions are configured in the programs Settings menu of Ssmgr.exe. When the program is in silent mode, it cannot be accessed until it is brought out of silent mode. This can be done with a hot-key combination (the default combination is Ctrl+Alt+Y).

Spyware.Sa_PCSpy is similar to another commercial spyware program, 007 Spy Software, which is detected as Spyware.007Spy. The main difference is that 007 Spy Software can send logs through FTP and email, while SpyAnytime PC Spy does not have that feature.

007 Spy Software may be an upgraded version of SpyAnytime PC Spy.


One or more files are detected as Spyware.Sa_PCSpy.


SpyAnytime PC Spy must be manually installed.

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