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Risk Level 1: Very Low

March 30, 2005
February 13, 2007 12:49:07 PM
Also Known As:
Excel97Macro/Crazz.A [Computer, X97M/Crazz.A [Frisk], IRC-Worm.MSExcel.Grazz [Kasper, X97M_CRAZZ.A [Trend Micro]
Systems Affected:
Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

X97M.Grazz.A is a macro virus that infects all Excel workbooks and attempts to propagate through IRC.

Antivirus Protection Dates

  • Initial Rapid Release version March 30, 2005
  • Latest Rapid Release version March 30, 2005
  • Initial Daily Certified version March 30, 2005
  • Latest Daily Certified version March 30, 2005
  • Initial Weekly Certified release date March 30, 2005
Click here for a more detailed description of Rapid Release and Daily Certified virus definitions.

Threat Assessment


  • Wild Level: Low
  • Number of Infections: 0 - 49
  • Number of Sites: 0 - 2
  • Geographical Distribution: Low
  • Threat Containment: Easy
  • Removal: Easy


  • Damage Level: Low


  • Distribution Level: Low
Note: On May 14, 2015, modifications will be made to the threat write-ups to streamline the content. The Threat Assessment section will no longer be published as this section is no longer relevant to today's threat landscape. The Risk Level will continue to be the main threat risk assessment indicator.
Writeup By: Kaoru Hayashi

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