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May 18, 2010 2:47:01 PM
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WS.SecRiskOther.2 is a cloud-based detection for files that pose a general security risk, but do not fall into the normal categories of security risks.

These security risks do not meet the definitions of spyware, adware, hacktool, or other security risk categories, but may present a risk to a computer and its data, an unwanted nuisance to the user, or exhibit other unexpected results.

Antivirus Protection Dates

  • Initial Rapid Release version October 2, 2014 revision 022
  • Latest Rapid Release version October 2, 2014 revision 022
  • Initial Daily Certified version March 27, 2009 revision 005
  • Latest Daily Certified version April 20, 2010 revision 024
  • Initial Weekly Certified release date March 27, 2009
Click here for a more detailed description of Rapid Release and Daily Certified virus definitions.

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