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Risk Level 1: Very Low

August 2, 2011
August 2, 2011 1:53:08 PM
Infection Length:
Systems Affected:
Android.Premiumtext is a detection for Trojan horses on the Android platform that send SMS texts to premium-rate numbers. These Trojans will often be repackaged versions of genuine Android software packages, often distributed outside the Android Marketplace.

Android Package Files
The Trojan generally arrives within a repackaged .apk file from a legitimate application. The package name, publisher, and other details will vary and may be taken directly from the original application.

APK: com.battery.improve9.apk
Publisher: Top Battery Application
Name: Battery Improve
Version: 1.0

Once installed an icon for the original application will appear. For example:

Note: Since this threat comes bundled with a legitimate application, similar application details and icons may be found in a legitimate version in the Android Marketplace. A repackaged, malicious version of the application can only be found on unofficial marketplaces.

Antivirus Protection Dates

  • Initial Rapid Release version August 2, 2011 revision 009
  • Latest Rapid Release version March 18, 2018 revision 017
  • Initial Daily Certified version August 2, 2011 revision 024
  • Latest Daily Certified version March 18, 2018 revision 009
  • Initial Weekly Certified release date August 3, 2011
Click here for a more detailed description of Rapid Release and Daily Certified virus definitions.
Writeup By: Poul Jensen

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