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October 24, 2012 10:54:23 AM
Potentially Unwanted App
EC-Karten Infos or EC/Kreditkarten Infos
Risk Impact:
Systems Affected:
Android package file
The application may arrive as a package with the following characteristics:

APK: net.skora.eccardinfos
Version: N/A
Name: EC-Karten Infos or EC/Kreditkarten Infos

When the application is being installed, it requests permission to perform input/output operations using NFC.

    Once installed, the application will use the near field communication (NFC) feature of the device to interact with any nearby NFC enabled devices. In this case, the application is looking for NFC enabled credit cards.

    When an NFC enabled credit card is within close range (4 centimeters or less) and communications is established, the application will attempt to read the following data from the card:
    • Credit card number
    • Activation date
    • Expiry date
    • Card type

    The extracted data is then displayed on screen.

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