December 3, 2014 2:32:47 PM
Potentially Unwanted App
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PUA.Gen is a generic detection for many individual but varied Security Risks for which specific definitions have not been created. A generic detection is used because it protects against many Security Risks that share similar characteristics.

Antivirus Protection Dates

  • Initial Rapid Release version October 2, 2014 revision 022
  • Latest Rapid Release version January 21, 2018 revision 005
  • Initial Daily Certified version August 1, 2013 revision 034
  • Latest Daily Certified version January 21, 2018 revision 008
  • Initial Weekly Certified release date August 7, 2013
Click here for a more detailed description of Rapid Release and Daily Certified virus definitions.

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2016 Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 21
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