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Strengthen your security with our experts, global threat intelligence, advanced monitoring, incident response, and cyber readiness services.

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Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 21

Learn about the cyber threat landscape and the potential impact it has against you and your organization.

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Achieve a higher level of security

Stay ahead of emerging threats and extend your team with our leading cyber threat experts for global threat and adversary intelligence, advanced threat monitoring, cyber readiness, and incident response.

Bolster your security posture with the capabilities of our experts around the world.

Shorten the time between detection and response, reduce operational costs, and proactively counter emerging threats.

Arm your team with actionable insights

Stay connected to, and get a deeper understanding of, the threat landscape so you can better anticipate and mitigate cyber security risk.

DeepSight™ Intelligence keeps your teams informed of vulnerabilities, provides advanced analysis of attacks, and shares the motivations and techniques of threat actors.

Make better, faster decisions and implement proactive controls before an attack occurs.

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Arm your team with actionable insights

Extend your team with experts

Technology alone may not stop advanced threats. You need security experts on hand to interpret and prioritize the critical events that need action.

Your designated and highly specialized, in-region security analysts are available 24x7 to act as an extension of your team, continuously monitoring and hunting for advanced threats.

Our analysts are some of the best-trained security experts in the world and they leverage state of the art technologies and global threat intelligence to minimize the business impact of cyber attacks.

Detect, assess, and respond to attacks faster with Symantec Managed Security Services.

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Respond with speed and precision

When experiencing a potential incident, it’s important to act quickly and effectively. Be informed that a threat has been discovered and contained, understand the impact, and trust that is has been eradicated with Symantec Incident Response Emergency Services and Retainer Services.

Assess, test, and refine your response program with Readiness Services to ensure cross-functional teams and processes are in sync and acting cohesively.

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Arm your team with actionable insights

Prepare your team for what's next

Strengthen all aspects of employee cyber readiness by creating a roles-based approach to security education and simulation exercises.

Identify key risks each employee is facing and build a comprehensive program to assess and develop the necessary security awareness and professional cyber security skillset.

Build a program that meets your needs and leverage Symantec Phishing Readiness, Security Awareness, and Cyber Skills Development.

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Prepare your team for what's next

What CISOs need to know about cyber insurance

The Cyber Insurance ecosystem is an important component to your Incident Response program.

Symantec has one of the world's largest cyber intelligence databases, and depth and breadth of response and forensics tools in the industry.

Maximize your relationship with your cyber insurer and minimize your exposure.

We work closely with this ecosystem of brokers, insurance vendors, and legal and regulatory entities to bring world-class readiness and response to help you protect against, and respond to, today's sophisticated attacks.

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What CISOs need to know about cyber insurance