Symantec Cyber Security Exercise

Develop skills and identify weaknesses in a simulated environment.

Strengthen team capabilities and close the cyber skills gap with hands-on virtual simulation of live-fire attacks.

It’s Time for a New Approach to Cyber Skills Development

With Symantec Cyber Security Exercise, move past traditional ways of skills development and into a more hands-on, engaging approach. Through real-world scenarios run through virtualized networks, your team will experience and mimic the methodology being used by adversaries in a controlled environment.
Cyber security professionals are your ticket to meeting internal and external expectations and keeping all parties satisfied and secure. You need to keep this cyber-fighting machine well oiled and conditioned. At Symantec, we relate these modern day warriors to fighter pilots. On-the-job training and pen and paper tests are not enough when training pilots. Fighter pilots are put through heavy simulation training before they even step foot into a jet. The degree of reality applied to these simulations is mind-boggling. It’s nearly impossible to separate virtual from actual reality.

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Integrated Training Completes Education Loop

From the moment your team is placed into a Cyber Security Exercise, they are fully immersed in a real-life, vulnerable environment. Acting as the adversary, they’ll pivot across Symantec’s virtual network to find vulnerabilities and access points, bringing to light the creative tactics and techniques seen in today’s threat landscape.
Our cloud-based, virtual training experience provides multi-staged attack scenarios, allowing participants to take on the identity of their adversaries to learn their motives, tactics and tools.
Inspire participants to draw on key qualities such as persistence, attention to detail and advanced problem solving as they emulate adversary’s thought processes and tactics while staging real-life advanced targeted attacks.

Innovative Features Help Close the Cyber Skills Gap

Develop and retain your key cyber talent by changing the way you approach training them. Keep them engaged and attuned of things happening out in the wild with threat simulation. With Cyber Security Exercise you’ll experience:

Hands on Challenges
Humans learn by doing. Symantec Cyber Security Exercise provides a dynamic and engaging learning environment with live systems that require hands-on interactivity giving participants practical experience.

Real-World Scenarios
Rather than having employees participate in compartmentalized training exercises, Cyber Security Exercise allows for a fully immersive experience with a complete story, coupled with challenges and objectives that use real targets and tools – networks, systems and applications.

Live Participation
Run live, timed events in which participants compete for the top score by successfully making their way through the scenario, proving their ability to pivot and problem solve; just like the attackers.

Participant Scoring
Quickly see results for all participants in a real-time scoreboard. Scoring allows for an instantaneous view into progress and ranking.