Symantec Certification demonstrates the highest levels of technical competency, productivity and industry recognition with increased opportunities for career advancement.

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Validate technical knowledge and competency by becoming a Symantec Certified Specialist (SCS) based on your specific area of Symantec technology expertise. To achieve this level of certification, candidates must pass one proctored SCS exam based on a combination of Symantec training material, commonly referenced product documentation, and real-world job scenarios.

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Did you know that Symantec certifications ranked #1 as the top product vendor cyber security certifications by salary in the IT Security Salary Survey (Certification Magazine, November 2015) and that 76% of candidates and recruiters verified that Symantec Certification was discussed as part of the hiring process? Certification can open the door to increased visibility, better opportunities and new jobs in your industry. In today’s highly competitive environment, certification differentiates you as a professional who is serious about applied learning, making you an asset to a prospective employer. Read about the benefits of certification.

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