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Small Business Encryption Solutions

Protection for Endpoints, Email and Data in the Cloud Data protection solutions with extended encryption capabilities that fit the needs of your small business.

Focus on Running Your Business, and We’ll Focus on Protecting It.

Our data encryption solutions provide standards-based technology centralized policy management, compliance-based reporting, and universal management for your encryption products.

Endpoint Encryption

Provides organizations with full-disk encryption for data on desktops and laptops in addition to removable media encryption.
Symantec Endpoint EncryptionEndpoint Encryption
Experience multiple ways to protect your data on desktops, laptops, and removable devices by using keys to encrypt, sign, decrypt and verify your messages.

Email Protection

Provides both desktop and gateway email encryption.
Symantec Desktop Email EncryptionGateway Email Encryption
Protect outbound communications without impacting the end-user experience and without the need for client software. Also provides secure delivery options for recipients without encryption.
Symantec Desktop Email EncryptionDesktop Email Encryption
Delivers client-based email encryption that automatically encrypts and decrypts email as it is sent and received on desktops and laptops, providing protection for end-to-end communications.

File Share Encryption

Allows you to encrypt files and folders on file servers and shared network drives.
Symantec Encryption Desktop ProfessionalFile Share Encryption
Automatically and transparently encrypt files and folders on file servers and shared network drives with drag and drop ease allowing protected file sharing and protection from data sprawl.

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