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How SymGauge and Quantitative Security (aka Moneyball for Security) are Home Runs for the Cybersecurity Industry

amit_mital on Friday, April 17, 2015
Twitter Card Style:  summary It’s an exciting time at Symantec. Like the start of a new baseball season, we’re entering the RSA Conference 2015 with a fresh lineup of upcoming offerings that further advance our Unified Security vision: SymGauge and Quantitative Security (aka Moneyball for Security) And we believe they’re Home Runs for the whole industry. SymGauge and Quantitative Security are each being built on top of our Unified Security intelligence platform, which aggregates security-relevant intelligence from Symantec-protected devices, networks, and clouds from around...
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The Veritas Barometer Indicates Hybrid Clouds Ahead

Drew Meyer on Monday, March 16, 2015
Backup in the Era of Platforms Twitter Card Style:  summary Cloud, cloud and more cloud. The IT world is adopting new infrastructure and service delivery models that cut costs and deployment times while increasing service reliability. But this latest in disruptive technologies is creating a real headache for data protection architects and their administration teams.  This direction is so entrenched that Veritas, (the independent information management company that will emerge...
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Acesso, Agilidade, Disponibilidade: NetBackup e Google Cloud Storage Nearline

Simon Jelley on Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Twitter Card Style:  summary Hoje, a versão beta do Google Cloud Storage Nearline foi anunciada . A nova oferta foi criada para fornecer às empresas uma rápida recuperação de dados de backup, capacidade de armazenamento ilimitada e acesso simplificado a informações, a um custo extremamente baixo. Na Veritas ( divisão planejada para os negócios de Gerenciamento de Informações da Symantec), nós estamos felizes de trabalhar com a plataforma de nuvem do Google para trazer casos de uso de gerenciamento de informações-chave para os clientes. O NetBackup 7.7 da Veritas (versão beta...
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Introducing The All-New NetBackup 5330

Scott C Anderson on Monday, March 2, 2015
New architectures for infrastructure transformation Customers report a turning point where infrastructure investment ROI is beginning to slow. More than half of typical budgets are consumed by infrastructure spending while headcounts are flat. And yet: data is growing, platforms are fragmenting and uptime expectations are off the charts. So what’s the answer? We believe it’s the information that matters most. We are indeed at a pivotal point in the industry, where architectures are shifting focus from infrastructure to information. And the NetBackup Appliance is an ideal example of how expertly rethinking traditional backup...
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