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Protect faculty & student information, and intellectual property, keeping it safe, secure, and private.

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Protecting Sensitive Data in the Connected Classroom

The benefits of technology in the classroom are undeniable. The challenges facing education IT are surmountable with Symantec:

  • Secure e-learning environments for physical, virtual, and cloud platforms
  • Safely manage confidential data and content
  • Protect against endpoint, mail, and web threats
  • Automate the deployment, security, and management of mobile devices

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Symantec’s SymEd Solution

As technology makes education more open and collaborative, it becomes a bigger target. Education IT must protect information and networks while keeping the environment open and flexible.

To help institutions embrace technology while managing and securing their infrastructure, Symantec developed SymEd Solutions, a suite that combines the essential tools needed to support the growing technological demands of academia.

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