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Optimize your security stack to identify, protect, and respond to advanced national security threats.

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Risks are everywhere.

Virtualization, cloud, and mobile solutions have introduced new complexity and security concerns.

Symantec’s comprehensive and resilient security strategies helps your agency Identify, protect, detect, respond to and recover from advanced attacks while meeting Cross-Agency Priority Goals, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, JIE and other federal mandates.

Solving Insider Threat

Go “all in”

Data breaches by government insiders are on the rise.  They range from the malicious to the unintentional. Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are recent high-profile examples.

Agencies must go “all in” to protect against insider threat. It requires a holistic approach that considers everything and everyone that has access to the network.  

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Solving Insider Threat

Identity and Access Management

Locking down federal information systems

The jobs of today’s federal employees depend on immediate access to a growing wealth of information. That data must be kept secure. Strong user authentication is the first layer of protection. Learn the best practices.

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