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2017 Government Internet Security Threat Report

Shifting focus from economic espionage to politically motivated sabotage and subversion

The 2017 Government Internet Security Threat Report (GISTR) details how cyber criminals executed politically devastating attacks. Cyber attacks against the U.S. Democratic Party and the subsequent leak of stolen information reflect a trend towards highly-publicized, overt campaigns designed to destabilize and disrupt organizations and countries. In the past, sabotage via cyber attack was rare. But the success of several campaigns – including the U.S. election and Shamoon – indicate a growing trend of agitators influencing politics to sow discord across the globe.

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Targeted Attacks Shaping Governments

Inside Job: The Sequel

Defending against insider threats – whether malicious or unintentional – is a top cyber priority for government agencies. Learn what 150 Federal Government cyber security professionals said about the progress Federal government agencies are making to protect against Insider Threats.

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Implementing an Effective Insider Threat Program

To successfully conduct assigned missions and serve the American public, the government must have strong security controls for both inbound and outbound data to enhance an agency's cyber security posture.

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Rethinking Federal Cyber Security for the Cloud Generation

Agencies are concerned with the proper security of the data flowing between on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments. Read how an integrated, end-to-end cloud security environment can be structured to extend on-premises policies into the cloud.

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