Symantec Information Centric Security

Integrate Data Loss Prevention, tagging, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), encryption, and authentication to protect your most sensitive data

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Integrated Protection Is Better Than Point Protection

When it comes to protecting sensitive data, you’re facing three fundamentals:

  1. Visibility: Where is my sensitive data—on-premises, mobile, in the cloud?
  2. Protection: How do I protect that data should it fall into the wrong hands?
  3. Control: Who is accessing my data/how do I prevent account takeover?

Symantec Information Centric Security identifies sensitive data using unparalleled DLP and CASB technology, then protects it with strong encryption. Access is controlled via authentication, with minimal drag for the user, but with the effective protection you need.

As information risk changes over time, we provide management data on information usage and the ability to revoke access to any piece of information whenever necessary.

Why Integrated Information Protection is better

  Core functionality Extended functionality (ICS integration)
  • Highly accurate detection of sensitive data
  • Central policy controls
  • Automatic application of Information Centric Encryption, no user input needed
  • Extends DLP detection and polices to CloudSOC
Information Centric Tagging
  • User-driven classification and watermarking
  • User driven data tagging augments DLP classification and protection
  • Visibility and control of cloud usage, including reducing Shadow Data risk
  • Automatically protects sensitive data moving to the cloud by triggering Information Centric Encryption
Information Centric Encryption
  • Not standalone, requires CloudSOC with optional DLP Cloud Connector to work
  • Protects sensitive data in Box or OneDrive
  • User authentication to trigger decryption
  • Central monitoring and control of user access (can revoke file access over time)
Information Centric Analytics
  • Powered by Bay Dynamics to deliver risky user behavior analytics
  • Analyzes large amounts of data security alerts to deliver a prioritized list of risky users and risky behavior
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for employees or consumers
  • MFA to complement user authentication based decryption

Detect and Protect Sensitive Data with DLP

Symantec DLP provides advanced data detection, enabling discovery of complex sensitive information at rest, in use, or in motion. Symantec DLP is a recommended integration with Symantec Information Centric Encryption. Together, they provide automatic and consistent protection for data wherever it goes.

Symantec cited as a leader in Data Loss Prevention Suites

Find out why Forrester ranks Symantec a leader in Data Loss Prevention Suites, giving it the highest possible scores across twenty three criteria in The Forrester Wave™: Data Loss Prevention Suites, Q4 2016 report.

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Engage Your Users to Tag and Classify Data

Symantec Information Centric Tagging induces your employees to identify the value of the information that they create. Data loss prevention improves as protection extends to data tagged as sensitive based on users’ defined classification levels.

  • Combine our award-winning DLP technology with user-driven classification to identify and classify sensitive data.
  • Trigger the appropriate protection response based on the classification level of the data, including document and email watermarking, and encryption.

Extend Information Centric Security to the Cloud

Extend visibility and control to cloud apps with unequalled DLP and CASB.

Uncover blind spots that leave your data exposed in both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps. Extend data loss prevention everywhere—both on–premises and in the cloud with Symantec DLP Cloud and Symantec CloudSOC.

  • Uncover sensitive data in more than 60 cloud apps including Office 365, Box, and Dropbox.
  • Extend your existing DLP policies and workflows for cloud apps.
  • Optimize performance with DLP detection-as-a-service.
  • Enforce DLP policies everywhere from a single management console.

Forrester names Symantec a Leader in Cloud Secure Gateways.

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Symantec Information Centric Encryption

Dynamic data protection for the Cloud Generation

Protect your organization’s sensitive data in a cloud-enabled world with Symantec Information Centric Encryption. Automatically encrypt from DLP policies and allow decryption with identity triggers, from anywhere. Monitor and change permissions in real time allowing you to dynamically protect information whether its on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Adds functionality to DLP Cloud or CASB installations
  • Automatically protects data to Box or One Drive environments
  • Decrypts via Windows or Mac utility or iOS application

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Analytics to Identify Risky User Behavior

Symantec Information Centric Analytics powered by Bay Dynamics helps to analyze large amounts of data telemetry from Symantec DLP and from the other Information Centric Security products to deliver a prioritized list of users and behaviors that are elevating your data risk level.

  • Connect the dots between data security incidents, users, accounts, behaviors, asset profiles and organizational context
  • Detect risky user behaviors and identify malicious insiders and outsiders via user-based risk scoring

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Lock Down Access, Now and Later

Ensure data doesn’t stray—a simple user authentication process assures that it reaches only the intended recipient.  Combine user authentication and encryption for reduced complexity when decrypting data outside your perimeter. Your protection follows the data to maintain integrity, wherever it goes.

Have you ever wanted to delete a document that was in wide circulation? Now you can with our central user access controls.

  • Frictionless authentication provides a friendly user experience.
  • Shared device? Still secure—data is released only to the intended recipient.
  • You remain in control, always. If circumstances change, you can revoke access rights in real time.
  • Delete all access to a document by withdrawing all the decryption keys.

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