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Safeguard sensitive data against loss, protect user accounts against compromise, prevent threats in email, block advanced attacks and optimize your end user experience for Office 365

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Stay compliant. Secure your data and accounts.

Shadow Data Reports from 2015 and 2016 found that 20% or more of files in cloud applications such as Office 365 are broadly shared and at risk of exposure and approximately 10% of those files contain confidential or compliance-related data.  

To safely use Office 365 you should be able to:

  • Maintain visibility and control over confidential and compliance-related data in your accounts
  • Prevent data breach due to data exposure or exfiltration via file sharing   
  • Prevent data loss via email
  • Protect data in the cloud with encryption
  • Ensure only authorized people access your Office 365 accounts
  • Continuously monitor for risky user activity and advanced threats
  • Quickly respond to security incidents with extensive log data for investigations

Protect your organization with an integrated security system from Symantec where CASB, DLP, email security, encryption, user authentication, network security, and threat protection solutions work together to provide better security, more efficiently.

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Safely Transition to Office 365 Email with Confidence

Symantec Email enables your organization to tap into all the advanced security technology, global resources, and proven expertise needed to stay safe from today’s most sophisticated email threats including ransomware, BEC, and spear phishing.

With Emails Security.Cloud protecting your Office 365 email, you can:

  • Isolate potentially malicious links used in spear phishing attacks that debilitate your endpoints with ransomware and trick your users into giving up their company credentials.
  • Block sophisticated business email compromise attacks using advanced methods and technologies that go beyond implementation of basic sender authentication protocols.
  • Contain malicious files and attachments using well established machine learning and behavior analysis engines along with sophisticated sandboxing capable of detecting virtual machine aware payloads.
  • Provide deep visibility into email attacks with threat analytics that give you the intelligence to quickly remediate attacks.
  • Deliver highest antispam and antivirus effectiveness and accuracy solution to your organization1.

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Protect your organization from threats in Office 365

Bad actors target cloud accounts as a prime method to infiltrate organizations and steal data using malware, advanced threats, phishing, and other methods to compromise accounts.
Detect and remediate account breaches, safeguard against malware and advanced threats, and prevent malware from taking over or stealing data from Office 365 accounts with Symantec solutions.

Best-in-class DLP and CASB for Office 365

Uncover data loss blind spots in Office 365 accounts. Extend data loss prevention everywhere – on-premises and to the cloud with integrated DLP and CloudSOC.

Safeguard your organization against threats targeting cloud apps with direct visibility and control over transactions and data in your Office 365 accounts.

  • Discover sensitive data in 60+ cloud apps including Office 365
  • Use the same DLP policies and workflows for Office 365 as for the rest of your enterprise
  • Enforce DLP policies everywhere – endpoints, data centers, network, and in cloud accounts – from one unified management console
  • Detect potential threats with User Behavior Analytics and enforce policy controls over user transactions
  • Investigate cloud incidents with intuitive views of granular log data

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Boost performance using cloud-delivered network security

Network architectures are drastically altered when enterprises move to Office 365. Traditionally, traffic from remote sites and mobile users is sent to corporate data centers and on-premises security architecture before accessing applications and the web. Supporting this security architecture can add latency and increase costs as organizations move to Office 365 and Azure.

Symantec’s cloud-delivered Web Security Service is a comprehensive network security solution offering high-performance security for Office 365 users – regardless of location or device.

  • Full security service with secure web gateway, web isolation, anti-virus scanning, sandboxing, DLP, and SD-WAN capabilities
  • Cloud infrastructure engineered for high-performance, using extensive content peering with Microsoft’s cloud services
  • Security policy auto-alignment allows for seamless policy enforcement when Microsoft makes adjustments to O365 cloud infrastructure

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Optimize user experience and WAN bandwidth use

Adopting Office 365 will increase your WAN traffic in both volume of data and number of concurrent internet connections. Make sure you are making the most of the bandwidth you have to prioritize business critical traffic and to improve your end user experience when using Office 365.

Use PacketShaper QOS and ProxySG caching at key sites to speed performance and make sure Office 365 exceeds user expectations.

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