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Register your security team to compete in the nation-wide State & Local Government Cyber Security Challenge presented by Symantec March 8-9, 2018!

This free competition will help state and local government security leaders understand the vulnerabilities of today's global threat landscape, gain critical security intelligence and put their offensive skills to the test in a high-pressure environment. Register using event key: statelocalcyber


2017 Government Internet Security Threat Report

Shifting focus from economic espionage to politically motivated sabotage and subversion

The 2017 Government Internet Security Threat Report (GISTR) details how cyber criminals executed politically devastating attacks. Cyber attacks against the U.S. Democratic Party and the subsequent leak of stolen information reflect a trend towards highly-publicized, overt campaigns designed to destabilize and disrupt organizations and countries. In the past, sabotage via cyber attack was rare. But the success of several campaigns – including the U.S. election and Shamoon – indicate a growing trend of agitators influencing politics to sow discord across the globe.

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Targeted Attacks Shaping Governments

Identity Management: The Next Generation of Security

State-of-the-art technologies are paving the way toward better, more efficient government, but with transformation comes a host of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. In an effort to ensure both progress and security, state and local governments are turning their attention towards identity management: ensuring that critical organization data can only be accessed by the right people, at the right time, and for the right reasons. Learn how 305 State and Local Government professionals approach identity and access management.

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Protecting Sensitive Data in the Digital Era

State & Local Cyber for the Cloud Generation

In the cloud generation, state and local agencies need a holistic cloud security strategy to protect data wherever it resides and respond quickly to breaches. Read how an integrated, end-to-end cloud security environment can be structured to unify access governance, information security and threat protection across cloud and on-premises.

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Current State of Ransomware in State and Local Government

Simple ways state and local government can protect themselves against ransomware attacks

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Cyber Security Services

With over 500 cyber experts worldwide, we can assist you in detecting, assessing, and responding to advanced threats.

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Eliminate the Password: Improve ease of use without sacrificing security

Increase visibility and provide advanced information protection with a single point of control for accessing data.

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