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Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center

SSL Management, Automation and Discovery

Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center automates SSL certificate lifecycle management for operational efficiency in larger companies. Built on a robust infrastructure, the cloud-based service also discovers and monitors all SSL certificates from any Certificate Authority (CA) to help ensure business continuity and compliance. There has been a rapid growth in the use of SSL certificates in recent years and as more and more SSL certificates are deployed to secure transactions and information, the discovery and management of these SSL certificates becomes even more challenging. This challenge becomes more complex in an enterprise environment where organizations may have deployed SSL certificates from different CAs with a mix of public, private or self-signed certificates. Without proper SSL discovery and management, organizations could have expired or non-compliant SSL certificates deployed across their infrastructure.

Community Spotlight

Transitioning from SHA-1 TLS Certificates

Since its founding, Symantec has been dedicated to security.  That is our raison d’etre. As such, we continually collaborate across the industry to update standards, making them more secure and harder to hack or fake. That is why the CA/Browser Forum determined that Certification Authorities must not issue public SHA-1 TLS certificates after December...

Posted: Jan 21, 2016 5:04:57 PM


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