Discontinuation of Express Buying Program FAQ

What is happening to the Express Buying Program?

Symantec has reviewed how it conducts business within the small business segment, including the Express Buying Program. In line with recent improvements made to our enterprise segment we have restructured our processes and systems for small business. The Express Buying Program is no longer compatible with our new business model and is therefore discontinued as of 23 April 2018.

What does this mean for me as an Express customer?

Since the Express Buying Program did not involve any contractual buying arrangements, there is little direct impact on you buying or renewing Symantec products. You can continue to access Symantec security solutions without the need for complex contracts and long-term commitments via your reseller as usual.

Do I need to take any action?

No, you are not required to take any action. Your customer record will be updated in our systems to reflect the change in business model but your entitlements remain unchanged.

Products & Licensing

Will the products from the Express Buying Program continue to be available to me?

Yes, Symantec solutions suitable for small businesses continue to be available to former Express customers (provided of course that the product has not reached End of Life). In fact, certain product restrictions that existed under Express have been lifted so some exciting new product lines such as Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile will be available to you.

Are on-premise software products going to be licensed the same way as under Express?

Yes, subscription and perpetual license types continue to be available, however, this will vary by product so you should talk to your reseller.

Is anything changing about how perpetually licensed products are sold?

Yes, note the following changes:

  • New software is no longer sold as bundles (BNDL SKU types). For new software orders you will need to purchase Software Licenses and Maintenance separately. Note that Maintenance is a mandatory purchase for all new software purchases.
  • New and renewal Maintenance SKUs are product-specific.
  • Software License SKUs no longer indicate the product version, however this does not impact your entitlement to Version Upgrades with current Maintenance.
  • The default minimum Maintenance term is 12 months but terms may be prorated beyond 12 months, as required (subject to product End of Life dates).

What’s changing for on-premise software subscription SKUs?

  • Separate “Initial” and “Renew” subscription SKUs are available.
  • The minimum subscription term is 1 YR. 3 YR subscriptions are available for some products.


Can I aggregate purchases across different product families on the same order?

No, unlike orders within the Express Buying Program, order quantities can no longer be aggregated across different product families. Note:

  • Price Bands now apply to each product order line. The higher the quantity purchased per product, the more advantageous the pricing in its respective band.
  • Product quantities that are added later will also benefit from more advantageous pricing once the aggregated quantity moves into the next band.

Will I continue to receive Symantec License Certificates?

No, orders under the new business model no longer generate “License Certificates” that are attached to order confirmation emails. The certificate content is now included within the email itself.

Where applicable, license keys are provided as usual with order confirmation emails.

What languages are Symantec order confirmation emails available in?

Symantec order confirmation emails are created in English, German, and Japanese. The system determines which language to send based on your country.


What will happen to my upcoming renewals?

Your upcoming renewals will be handled in the usual way by your reseller. Due to back-end processing changes, you may notice a slight difference in nomenclature used on order-related paperwork (e.g. product SKUs and codes) as outlined above.

Is renewal Proof of Purchase still required?

Renewal IDs are replaced by the Service Contract Number which is provided in your Renewal notification. For more information on Renewing, view the Renewals FAQ.

What about late renewal reinstatement? Will late renewals continue to be processed with Version Upgrade SKUs?

No, Version Upgrade SKUs are no longer applicable. Under this new business model all late renewals are back-dated to the previous expiry date and reinstatement fees applied.

Are there any other penalties I need to be aware of?

Yes, renewal short-term fees. Renewal terms that are less that the minimum term of 12 months are subject to short-term fees.


Are my product and Maintenance entitlements impacted by the discontinuation of Express?

No, there is no change to your existing software license entitlements, active Maintenance (Essential Support) entitlements or to your Symantec customer record.

Can I continue to purchase products without any contracts or financial commitment?

Yes, you will not be required to sign any contracts under the new business model.

My Express licenses could only be used within the country of purchase. Will this still be the case?

No, the deployment of licenses purchased under this new business model is no longer restricted to your country of purchase. However, you are obliged to keep Symantec informed about any movement of licenses in accordance with Symantec’s policies.

Where can I find out about Symantec policies relating to this new business model?

Small business transactions are subject to Symantec’s policies as outlined in the Maintenance Policy Handbook.


Is my entitlement to Technical Support impacted by the discontinuation of Express?

No, as long as you have current Maintenance you can access Technical Support for the duration of your Maintenance term.

Does this change affect how I contact Symantec Support?

No, your access to support will not change. You can still open cases via the phone or via MySymantec.  Your credentials to MySymantec will not change. MySymantec will remain your one-stop-shop for all things support. Learn more about obtaining technical support from Symantec.