Maintenance and Symantec’s Perpetually Licensed Software Products

How is Maintenance sold?

Perpetually licensed software and Maintenance for Symantec’s Enterprise Security products are sold as separate items that must be ordered and purchased together.

Having separate software license and Maintenance items on your initial order allows you to see price breakdown at a glance so you can budget appropriately for future Maintenance renewals.

Key considerations:

  • Maintenance is mandatory for new software product purchases
  • Certain software products require ongoing Maintenance renewal to ensure continued compliance. View Licensing Information.

Maintenance SKU information

Maintenance SKUs are product-specific* and are individually priced. Every perpetually licensed Symantec software product has a software license SKU, and corresponding new (initial) and renewal Maintenance SKUs. Symantec Endpoint Protection SKU samples are indicated below:

  • Perpetual software license SKU: SEP-NEW-250-500
  • Initial Maintenance SKU: SEP-SUP-250-500
  • Renewal Maintenance SKU: SEP-RNW-250-500

Understand the Value of Maintenance and how Maintenance price is determined

It’s important to understand why Maintenance and Maintenance renewal price varies from product to product, and in some cases, why Maintenance is more expensive than the software license itself.

While Maintenance for Symantec’s perpetually licensed software products includes access to deliverables such as version upgrades, product updates, maintenance packs, patches, hot fixes and 24/7 Technical Support as standard, those software products that rely on critical updates to function, including security content updates, have a higher associated Maintenance cost.

To help you appreciate the price you pay for Maintenance, Symantec has defined four Maintenance tiers. Each tier reflects the effective and ongoing supportability requirements of the software products within that tier such as: the level of updates (including Content Updates) required by a product to function optimally, and a product’s technical complexity.

Maintenance tier values are expressed as a percentage of the software license price. The price of a single unit of Maintenance is determined by applying the appropriate percentage to the price of a single software license.

Maintenance Tier Overview

Symantec’s Maintenance tiers are outlined below:

Tier Name Tier Value (% of License Price) What this means Product examples
Tier 1 25 You have access to standard Maintenance benefits and your software product requires intermittent updates. Data Loss Prevention; Data Center Security; Identity Access Manager; Endpoint Management product range; Internet of Things product range
Tier 1X 36 You have access to standard Maintenance benefits. Your software product is technically complex and requires regular product updates. Endpoint Encryption product range
Tier 2 75 You have access to standard Maintenance benefits. Your software product is moderately complex and requires frequent updates and for certain products, some security content updates. Storage Protection (Symantec Protection Engine products)
Tier 3 125 You have access to standard Maintenance benefits. Your software product requires real-time content updates for continuous security protection. Your product must be constantly updated for optimal performance. Endpoint Security products (e.g. Symantec Endpoint Protection) and suites; Storage Protection products (e.g. Mail Security); Symantec Insight for Private Clouds (SIPC)

Entitlement Information

Customers of perpetually licensed Enterprise Security software products with current Maintenance may access the following Maintenance benefits as standard via Essential Support: version upgrades, security content updates (for those software products that require content updates), product updates, maintenance packs, patches, hot fixes and 24/7 technical support as well as numerous self-help and learning resources including MySymantec, Symantec’s Knowledge Base, Symantec Connect and Symantec eLibrary. Find out more about your Maintenance benefits.

The information on this page relates to perpetually licensed software products only and is not applicable to subscription-based offerings or Maintenance offerings related to hardware products.

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