Maintenance Policy Handbook
This Policy Handbook sets forth guidelines for doing business with Symantec and describes Symantec's policies relating to the new purchase and renewal of entry-level Maintenance offerings for Symantec products.

Software Version Upgrade Policy
This policy outlines how Symantec makes a software Version Upgrade generally available to its eligible customers at no extra cost. Customers who avail of current Maintenance are entitled to use the core features and functionality delivered by the purchased version of the product to the use level defined by the EULA.

Technical Support
For Technical Support policies and documentation please see our Support Quick Reference Guide.


Global Enterprise Renewals Policy
The purpose of this document is to communicate Symantec's Maintenance Renewals Policy for Enterprise Software Products to our Channel Partners and Customers.

End of Life

Enterprise Security (Symantec) End of Life Policy
This policy describes how customers can access versions of our enterprise software products that have reached their End of Life (“EOL”). It also describes the support services that Symantec typically provides during the End of Life process.

Network Protection (Blue Coat) End of Life Policy
This documentation identifies key dates for platforms and software that have reached end-of-sale, end-of-maintenance, or end-of-life in the product life cycle (listed by model/version number).

License Management

Customer Compliance Policy
This policy outlines Customers' compliance obligations with regard to Symantec's Products and Maintenance.

License Retirement Policy
This policy outlines rules and procedures concerning the retirement of perpetual software licenses for Symantec Products.

Network Protection (Blue Coat) Policies