Maintenance & Support Renewals

A renewal is an extension of a technical support or service agreement for a specified renewal period of 12 months or longer. Renewing ensures access to the most up-to-date maintenance and support, better equipping your business with fully-enabled Symantec products.

Symantec On-Premise Software Products

A renewal provides you with continued specific entitlements described in Symantec's enterprise technical support programs and policies, including access to the latest content, patches, and maintenance enhancements. Renewing ensures continued timely access to upgrades and Symantec support services. Find out how to renew.

How to Renew

When it is time to renew the support/maintenance of your Symantec product, you will receive a notification that renewal is pending. The notification will have all the information necessary to renew. With your notification in hand, please follow its instructions on how to contact Symantec sales or your Symantec reseller. Consult our Renewals FAQ or you can:

If a maintenance and support agreement, or subscription, has lapsed, then reinstatement is required.

Know Your Options: Symantec Support Services

  • Business Critical
    The highest level of protection. Providing personalized, proactive support 24x7 from technical experts. For enterprises that require secure, uninterrupted access to their data and applications.
  • Essential Support
    The recommended minimum level of support for most enterprises. Provides 24x7 access to Symantec's support experts, software version upgrades, and faster support response times.
  • Upgrade Assurance
    Support service available for PGP products only. Replaces PGP Bronze support, keeping your product up to date with downloads of software upgrades and packages, as well as access to Symantec’s Support Knowledge Base and Connect Security Forum. No telephone support included.
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Symantec Website Security Solutions with SSL

Maintain business continuity and avoid browser warnings and unplanned expirations of your SSL certificates or other website security authentication services. Renew SSL certificates through your management console or call customer support.

Renewal Options

Symantec Trust Center
If you purchase one product at a time.

Symantec Trust Center Enterprise Account
If you pre-purchase units for instant issue.

Symantec Managed PKI for SSL
If you manage large numbers of SSL certificates and rely on extensive management capabilities in addition to pre-purchase and instant issuance of certificates.

Purchase a New Symantec SSL Certificate

If any information in the Distinguished Name field has changed, you need to purchase a new certificate.

Express Renewal and Automatic Renewal Service

Would you like to install an SSL certificate on your server and not have to worry about renewals and expirations? If your certificate expires or if your replacement certificate is installed incorrectly, the impact to your business can be huge. With Symantec SSL Certificates, you can automate one of the most time-consuming but critical parts of SSL certificate management: the renewal process.

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Hosted software delivered by products is maintained by subscription service contracts. Subscriptions are automatically renewed, giving the user:

  • Uninterrupted service.
  • The latest version of software, instantly upgraded as part of the subscription.
  • Access to 24/7 technical support: live chat, phone, or email. Sales

  • 1-866-460-0000 Support