Renewals FAQ

The following information applies to on-premise Software Products only.

For renewals information about Symantec Hardware Products and Online Services, visit Renewals.


Why Should I Renew?

What is Maintenance?

Your Maintenance cover entitles you to more than 24/7 access to Symantec’s technical expertise. Maintenance enables continuous security protection* and optimizes software performance with the latest software versions, security features and technological innovations. It also helps defend against reputational damage, unplanned downtime and financial loss.

*For those Symantec Software Products that require Security Content Updates.

Learn more about your Maintenance benefits.

What is a renewal?

Maintenance is sold for a finite term (usually one year) and must be renewed in advance of expiry for continued access to your benefits. This action is called a “Renewal”. 

What happens if I don’t renew?

You will no longer be entitled to access any of your Maintenance benefits. Your security will be at risk and your product’s ability to perform will be impaired. If you choose to upgrade to a future version of the product, you will be required to repurchase your product license to establish your right to the latest version. You will no longer be able to call technical support or log technical support cases online via MySymantec. You may also risk being non-compliant with the terms of your product’s License Agreement.

Learn more about your Maintenance benefits.
Find out more about licensing and your compliance obligations.

How do I know when my Maintenance is about to expire?

Symantec has various methods of alerting you that your Maintenance is about to expire:

The quoting and notification process varies as follows:

  • Express Buying Program Renewals:
    Renewal notification e-mails are generally sent to Small Business customers starting 120 days prior to the Maintenance expiry date.
    View sample notification email
    Your reseller may also contact you about your upcoming renewal.
  • Enterprise Renewals
    Prior to Maintenance expiry, Symantec prepares renewal quotes for its Channel partners or Enterprise customers as appropriate. Enterprise customers ordering via Symantec’s channel partners should engage directly with their partners.

Several of Symantec’s Software Products issue automatic alerts from the product’s management console.

View sample product management console.

Symantec’s diagnostic tool (SymDiag) also provides licensing information and alerts for certain Symantec products.

Learn more about SymDiag.

How Do I Renew?

How do I renew?

Step 1: Identify your upcoming Maintenance renewals per your renewal notification email or renewal quote. If you have multiple Maintenance end dates, it may be possible to align your Maintenance end dates to a single date.

Learn how to identify Maintenance requiring renewal
Find out how to align your Maintenance end dates

Step 2 (applies to Express Buying Program renewals only): Have your Proof of Purchase ready. Customers renewing Small Business products (Express Buying Program) are required to provide Proof of Purchase of the original license(s). Your Renewal ID is your Proof of Purchase and is required by your reseller to place your order. It allows Symantec to determine eligibility, link your Maintenance to the correct software licenses and apply the correct Maintenance start and end dates.

You’ll find your Renewal ID on Symantec renewal notification emails and renewal quotations.

Note: Customers renewing Symantec Enterprise products are not required to provide a Renewal ID.

Step 3: Plan your future business needs. Renewal time is the ideal opportunity to review your usage trends (for certain products you can use Symantec’s diagnostic tool SymDiag for licensing information and usage) and assess your future licensing needs to determine if you need to purchase any additional licenses or upgrade to a more fully-featured product. Your reseller will be able to advise you on options to suit your growing business needs.

Learn more about SymDiag.

Step 4: Contact your reseller to place your renewal order and to purchase any additional software licenses. If you don't have a partner of choice, you can search for a reseller using our Partner Locator. You can also contact Symantec to discuss your renewal options.

Go to Symantec's Partner Locator

Contact Symantec's regional renewal teams:
Europe, Middle East and Africa:
North, Central and South America:

Step 5: Update your product to reflect your new Maintenance term.

Find out more about activating your product.  

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Understanding my Maintenance status

I’m unsure about my Maintenance status. Can I request a listing of all my products with active Maintenance?

Yes, you should contact your reseller or Symantec Customer Care and request an Install Base Report.

Contact Symantec Customer Care.

How do I know when my Maintenance begins and ends?

Maintenance start and end date information is available to view within many Symantec products via the product’s management console.

The Symantec utility SymDiag also provides licensing and Maintenance information for certain products.

Customers with Small Business products (Express Buying Program), can check Maintenance start and end dates on their Symantec License Certificate.

View sample product management console.
View sample SymDiag licensing dashboard.
View sample license certificate.

If you need further assistance, contact Symantec or your Symantec authorized partner.

What is SymDiag and how can it help me understand my Maintenance status?

Symantec SymDiag is a multi-product diagnostic tool designed to identify common issues; gather data for support-assisted troubleshooting; provide licensing information (for certain products you can use SymDiag to view the licenses you have installed and the status of your Maintenance); identify suspicious files and link to other customer self-help and support resources.

Find out how to download SymDiag.

Planning my renewal

Can I align/co-term different Maintenance end dates?

If you have purchased software licenses and Maintenance over a period of time, you may have many different Maintenance end dates. “Co-termination” is the process of aligning multiple Maintenance end dates to a single renewal date to make your future renewals easier. While this practice is most common for Maintenance of the same product, under certain circumstances you may also align renewal dates for different Symantec products.

You will need to speak to your reseller to discuss this option. Note that co-termination requests are at Symantec’s discretion and are subject to various conditions being met.

For more information consult Symantec’s Maintenance Policy Handbook.

I want to plan and budget for my renewal purchase, when is the earliest I can renew?

You can renew your Maintenance at any time prior to the Maintenance end date. The new Maintenance start date is always the day after the original Maintenance expiry date.

What is the minimum renewal term?

The minimum renewal term is one year which must be purchased and paid for in full upfront. 

Can I renew Maintenance for a duration that is longer than one year?

Yes, but not all Symantec products have this option. The usual renewal term is one year. Your reseller will be able to advise you on the options available for your product.

If I purchase additional software licenses for the same product, is Maintenance automatically included?

Yes, but the purchasing experience varies as follows:

  • Express Buying Program
    Software licenses and Maintenance ordered via the Express Buying Program are sold as bundles that include both software licenses and Maintenance.
  • Enterprise Products
    While Enterprise software licenses and Maintenance are sold as separate items, Maintenance is mandatory for all new additional enterprise software license purchases. Orders for new software licenses without the prerequisite Maintenance item will be rejected.

    Note: Symantec has simplified the way it sells Maintenance for its perpetually licensed Enterprise Software Products. Learn more.

In both cases, the Maintenance end dates of your additional purchase may be different to the Maintenance end date of your original purchase so you may wish to enquire about aligning both end dates to a common end date. For more information, refer to co-termination section. 

Is it possible to renew less Maintenance than the quantity purchased initially?

No, partial renewals are not permitted. Use of the Symantec Software Product, as set out in the Customer’s License Agreement, must be in the quantities and at the Use Levels acquired from Symantec. Maintenance must be purchased and renewed for the aggregate Use Level for the Licensed Software.

Read Symantec’s License Compliance Policy for more information.

If you wish to voluntarily retire a portion of your software licenses you must notify Symantec. You will be permanently giving up your rights to any future use of the affected license quantity, and an updated entitlement will be issued to replace all previous entitlements.

Read Symantec’s Software License Retirement Policy for more information.

I did not purchase Maintenance when I purchased my software licenses, can I purchase it now?

Symantec requires Maintenance cover for all new software license purchases. If you have an older product version without Maintenance cover and now wish to purchase Maintenance, note that Maintenance may only be purchased where the originally purchased software version is still supported. Note that any Maintenance purchased separate to software and at a later date must include all back-dated Maintenance (to the date of the original software purchase) and may be subject to reinstatement fees.

Is it possible to reinstate lapsed Maintenance?

Yes, however there are associated penalties per Symantec policy. Maintenance must be continuous with no gap from the previous expiry date. Customers with expired Maintenance automatically lose all entitlements to Maintenance benefits. The process to reinstate late or lapsed renewals varies by Small Business and Enterprise products as follows:

Enterprise Products Small Business Products (Express Buying Program)
Late renewals are back-dated and reinstatement fees applied. A minimum go-forward purchase of 12 months is also required. Late renewals are reinstated with Version Upgrade SKUs


Does Symantec offer a grace period in case I fail to renew my Maintenance on time?

No, Symantec does not offer a grace period. All renewals must be booked prior to the current Maintenance expiry date. Orders placed later than the expiry date are subject to late renewal penalties per Symantec’s Maintenance Policy Handbook. You are reminded that once Maintenance expires, you are no longer entitled to access any of your Maintenance deliverables, and your security and compliance integrity is immediately compromised.

Your reseller should be able to answer all of your renewal questions. Alternatively, you can submit a case online at MySymantec or contact Symantec Customer Care.

Submit a case online at MySymantec.
Contact Symantec Customer Care.
Find out more about the importance of keeping Maintenance current.
Go to Symantec’s Maintenance Policy Handbook.
Find out more about licensing and your compliance obligations.

After renewing – what’s next?

How do I update my product following my renewal?

You will need to update your product by applying the relevant activation code.

Visit Getting Started for more information on how to find your activation code and update your product following renewal.

You should also consult the licensing section of your product documentation available on Symantec’s Documentation Portal.

If you do not have an activation code or require further assistance, contact Symantec Customer Care.

Do I need to register my new serial numbers?

Yes, you should register your new serial numbers in the Licensing Portal to maintain ongoing visibility to your entitlements.

Visit Getting Started for step-by-step instructions.

What is MySymantec?

MySymantec is your online resource for all technical and non-technical enquiries. First-time users will need to create an account. Once logged on you can search the Symantec Knowledge Base to find solutions and perform self-help. You can also create and manage cases; access the Licensing Portal and Symantec’s Download Site.

Visit MySymantec.

My designated Technical Contacts have changed. How do I update them?

It is important to keep your designated Technical Contacts up-to-date. To update or correct your designated technical support contact information, you can log a case on MySymantec (first time users will need to create an account).

Visit MySymantec.
Find out how to keep your company’s technical support contact list up-to-date.

Need additional help? Contact Symantec Customer Care.

How do I receive Technical Support if I need assistance?

With current Maintenance your designated Technical Contacts are eligible to call Symantec to receive technical support. You can contact Symantec technical support by phone or log a case via MySymantec (first time users will need to create an account). For more information on technical support terms and how to obtain technical support from Symantec, consult our Support Reference Guide.

Submit a case online at MySymantec
Contact Technical Support