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Windows® XP Service Pack 2 information center

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Welcome to the Windows® XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) Information Center. This page is designed to offer enterprise customers information required to determine their organization's readiness for Windows® XP SP2, which was released August 2004. This Frequently Asked Questions section will answer the majority of your questions regarding the compatibility of Symantec products with SP2. Please review the following resources below for links to important support information regarding Windows® XP SP2 and the Symantec products that you have purchased.

Q: Will Symantec software be compatible with Windows® XP SP2?
A: Yes, although one feature of Service Pack 2, the Windows Security Center, may indicate otherwise. By design, Symantec includes tamper-protection features to make it difficult to scan the status of its products. As a result, the Windows Security Center can detect the presence, but not the status, of some Symantec security software. Symantec is developing an update to ensure that the Windows Security Center shows the status of Symantec products as green (on). This update will be in the form of a product update for some products and as a Maintenance Release for others. The schedule for updates and Maintenance Releases appears on the the Product Update tab.
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Q: Is Windows® XP SP2 required for Symantec Client Security to function correctly?
A: No. If your Symantec product runs on Windows® XP now, it does not require SP2 to continue working. Symantec Client Security may not appear correctly in the Windows Security Console, but the product will work as designed.
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Q: Which Symantec products will the product update apply to?
A: The product update applies to customers who use Symantec Client Security, Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, and Symantec AntiVirus Enterprise Edition if their client systems are not members of a Windows domain. This is because Windows XP Service Pack 2 does not enable the Windows Security Center if it detects that the computer is a member of a Windows domain. It also applies to administrators who choose to enable the Windows Security Client in a domain. Product updates for other Symantec products may be released in the future but none are scheduled at this time.
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Q: How can Symantec customers get the SP2 product update?
A: For the current versions of Symantec Client Security and Symantec AntiVirus, a product update is available for download. For earlier versions, a Maintenance Release will soon be available. Links to the downloadable product updates and the schedule of Maintenance Releases is on the product update tab.
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Q: How can Symantec customers deploy the SP2 product update?
A: For Symantec Client Security, Symantec AntiVirus Corporate, and Symantec AntiVirus Enterprise Edition, enterprise and small business pack customers will be able to deploy the product update using a variety of methods:
  • NT Remote: the distribution mechanism included with Symantec System Center management console
  • Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition
  • ON iCommand
  • DeployCenter Library
  • Logon script
  • Network Share
  • Web Server
  • Third-party distribution tools like SMS, Openview, Tivoli, or ZenWorks.
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Q: Is Symantec working with Microsoft to help deploy Windows® XP SP2?
A: Yes, Symantec has multiple PC-management solutions, depending on specific customer needs. These solutions include Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition, ON iCommand, and DeployCenter Library. Each solution enables IT administrators to manage updates and changes on systems throughout their environments.
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Q: Will the firewall technology in Symantec Client Security be compatible with the Windows Firewall in Windows® XP SP2?
A: The firewall technology found in Symantec Client Security will be compatible with the Windows Firewall. Both firewalls can be on at the same time without causing software conflicts. Symantec recommends that users of its firewall products disable the Windows Firewall. Running both products simultaneously will cause minor performance degradation. Due to the performance degradation, the Maintenance Release will disable the Windows Firewall. Administrators will be able to enable and disable the Windows Firewall by using a Symantec Client Security policy file.
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Q: How will customers benefit from using Windows® XP SP2 with Symantec Client Security?
A: Windows® XP SP2 contains some important enhancements. Today's enterprise environments will gain maximum protection from an integrated, multilayered approach to security. Windows® XP SP2 users can protect themselves fully by adding Symantec Client Security to their desktop or laptop security strategy. With its centrally manageable and integrated virus protection, firewall, and intrusion detection technologies, Symantec Client Security provides comprehensive and proactive protection from today's known and tomorrow's unknown threats than stand-alone antivirus and firewall products. The components of Symantec Client Security are synchronized to respond jointly to potential threats. To ensure a seamless transition to SP2, Symantec Client Security customers should install the Maintenance Release that corresponds to their specific version.
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Q: How will customers benefit from using Windows® XP SP2 with Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition?
A: The enhancement of the Windows Firewall is an important forward step for Windows® XP users; however, protection from today's blended threats requires the inclusion of a firewall that also filters and inspects inbound and outbound traffic. To fully protect customers from today's threats, Symantec recommends upgrading to Symantec Client Security, which includes robust worm-blocking technologies through the use of a client firewall and intrusion detection engine.
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