Symantec Controls Compliance Assessment for Practices

Evaluating your compliance practices can be challenging. It requires visibility into your own compliance efforts and the ability to compare your practices to those of similar organizations. Only by gaining this broader view can you start to bring your compliance readiness up to the level of maturity that is right for you.

Based on in-depth benchmark data gathered by the IT Policy Compliance Group, the Symantec Controls Compliance Assessment for Practices allows you to compare your compliance practices to those of your peers and best performing organizations. Conducted by a Symantec Compliance Specialist, this FREE 1 day assessment enables you to:
  • Rank the maturity of your current practices compared with peers and best performing organizations sorted by industry and revenue
  • Measure disparities between your practices and those of best performing organizations for 104 specific compliance practices
  • Quantify potential reductions in overall audit spend, time spent on audit and financial risk
  • Identify the top 10 practice improvements that will have the maximum impact on your results, costs and risk

Step 1 involves the creation of a customized assessment designed to gather data on your organization’s current practices. This assessment is created using a simple Web-based survey tool with analytic capabilities. Step 2 involves the distribution of this survey (approx. 30 minutes long) to key stakeholders. Results are then gathered, scored and compared to benchmark data for peers, best performers and other organizations sorted by industry. Finally these results are used to provide guidelines to you and your executive team on how best to improve audit results, reduce audit costs and reduce IT risks.

* Note: Due to resource constraints, this assessment is currently offered on a limited basis in North America. All Symantec in-depth assessments are subject to availability. You will be notified of your eligibility for an assessment within 2-3 weeks of registration.