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V-Ray Customer Testimonials

"When I first started using VMware, I bought a VM-only backup solution. But, when it came time to virtualize critical business systems, I chose Symantec because of V-Ray."
–Joe Donahue, Storage & Backup Administrator, Maine Medical Center
"We rely on Backup Exec to do our daily backup to disk, and it gives us any type of recovery option we need. Just today we used the Backup Exec Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructures to dip into the backup and grab a handful of files that were hurt. We need the granular level of recovery that the agent provides.”
–Gene Bumgardner, Director of Technical Services, OFM Computer Systems, Inc. (partner for Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of C. Va.)
"NetBackup is the only tool that is efficient enough to accommodate virtualization and the backup of other platforms at the same time."
–Pablo Soto, IT Administrator, CartaSi S.p.A.
"In the beginning, we used the old-fashioned way putting agents inside every virtual machine. But at some point, you don't make it, and we were looking for something different. And now, we are using the V-Ray technology."
–Peter Jakobs, SELEX Estag
"There is beauty in simplicity...there are many packages out there that will back up your virtual infrastructure, but with Backup Exec, I have one product for all my systems–VMware, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and of course Microsoft Windows...and it all performs flawlessly."
–Brandon Mosak, Network Manager, Task Force Tips, Inc.
"Instead of having to manage backups from two different consoles, we can do it all from one with support for virtual machines in NetBackup 7."
–Albert Chin, Network Engineer, PerkinElmer, Inc.


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