Cloud Delivered Web Security Infrastructure

Optimized for the speed, high availability and scale expectations of the cloud generation.

Demand Performance on a Global Scale

Our 50+ Global POPs support all of our customers

Our Cloud Infrastructure provides universal access to all Web Security Service customers. When evaluating your cloud provider, read the fine print. Other solution vendors will charge a premium to access their full network. Symantec’s cloud security infrastructure provides strong coast-to-coast coverage on 6 continents. Each data center is fully redundant (both within and between POPs) - there’s horizontal scaling capability in all regions.

Built for Speed

Get peering, optimization, and acceleration for a better Office 365 experience.

As companies move their applications to the cloud, users may experience increased latency. This often happens because more "hops" are required to access a cloud application as compared to one on a local network. Paying for increased connection speed isn't the solution. Fortunately, Symantec has partnered with more than 300 global peering partners including Microsoft to accelerate the user experience with cloud applications such as Office 365. Together, we can offer users faster connections with fewer "hops" to get the applications they need. We also offer TCP scaling, advanced optimization, acceleration and customer peering at no additional charge to improve your end user experience.

Double Down on High Availabilty

Our data centers are fully redundant because your users are always on.

Not only are all data centers universally accessible when you choose Web Security Service, we ensure that the data centers withing our web security architecture are fully redundant – every part of the stack. Everything except for our routers are configured in active/active mode. We work with multiple top carriers in each region and provide peering to most popular internet exchanges in each country. We’re confident which is why we offer some of the best SLAs in the industry.