A Public App for Enterprise Security

Benefits of a Public App vs. a Private App

Benefits of a Public App vs. a Private App

Other mobile security solutions use private apps that rely on private APIs, making them much more difficult to deploy and maintain, and risk losing functionality with each OS update. Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile) is the only mobile security solution that uses the same public app for both Free users and for Enterprise users.

Public Apps Make EVERYTHING Easier

Private App Public App
Adoption Users don’t know what is being installed and have no control. May cause resistance and shadow IT. Users can be in control, knowing what they are installing and not feeling like IT has just installed a backdoor.
Deployment App must be signed and packaged with a developer account, then deployed through an internal app store. Users install directly from the app store and log in with enterprise credentials, or EMM can push the app for automatic registration.
Maintenance New versions must be re-signed, repackaged and re-deployed manually every time. Deployed apps will update automatically over the air, with zero action or attention by users or IT.
Privacy Private Apps use private APIs that have greater access to personal content and communications on the device. Public Apps are required by OS vendors to respect user privacy and separation of data and communications.
Productivity Apps often consume excessive resources and give unnecessary alerts, interrupting productivity and the mobile experience. App uses minimal resources (always <3% battery) and lowest false positives to have zero impact on productivity or mobile experience.
Security Focus on business apps and communications in particular. May not secure personal content. Protects personal apps and communications in addition to business activities.
Lasting Value Private API features may be removed by OS vendors at any time, risking enterprise security. Public APIs are supported from version to version, preserving the functionality and value of the app.
Why Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile Public App

Why SEP Mobile Public App

Competitive solutions resort to using private APIs in order to deliver value, Symantec has patents that allow the strongest mobile threat protection while relying only on public APIs.

Why SEP Mobile is better:

  • SEP Mobile is distributed on the public app store, making deployment and maintenance far simpler.
  • Symantec's mobile app is incapable of violating user privacy and also protects personal activities, increasing end-user enthusiasm
  • Symantec leverages stable APIs that are future-proof, not private APIs that may change or disappear.

Don’t make a risky investment. Get SEP Mobile.

Free Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile vs. Enterprise Edition

Functionality for Free Users vs. Enterprise Users

Anyone can download and install the free SEP Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play to get warnings and notices when there are risks to your device. Enterprise users have the same app, but have additional protections. Enterprise organizations also have access to a central console for configuring enterprise integrations and providing complete visibility into organizational and individual device risk and incidents.

  Free Users Enterprise Users
Protection Actions Detection Only Detection + Active Protection
Advanced Threat Detection  
Enterprise Integrations  
Selective Resource Protection (SRP)  
Secure Connection Protection (SCP)