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Driving innovation by enabling early stage cyber security companies

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Who We Are

Symantec Ventures is an active, strategic partner at key stages of a startup’s growth. We are dedicated to helping visionary entrepreneurs protect the Cloud Generation and work with Symantec to stop tomorrow’s advanced threats.


What We Do

Symantec brings you access to unrivaled technology, go-to-market resources and relationships around the world. Our technology ranges from platforms such as the Integrated Cyber Defense Platform for enterprises and the Digital Safety Platform for consumers to cutting edge innovations in AI and the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network.

Symantec has developed APIs around our threat intelligence and application platforms that enable rapid innovation and foster a rich development ecosystem. 

We’re Here to Help Cyber Security Start-ups

We can help you with data

Symantec has a broad range of intelligence data powered by the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network. We are using this data to continually improve and further develop our products such as for machine learning, advanced analytics and threat research.

We can help you with our APIs

We want to help you develop your applications using our APIs to build on the Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Platform and tap into the expertise within Symantec to enhance and accelerate your technology.

We can help you generate awareness for your company

Working with Symantec Ventures can help to create visibility with premier customers and partners and can enable your company to participate with us in innovation events and spaces.

We invest

When we invest we look for ideas that align with our mission. We believe that threat landscape has reached unprecedented levels. No single company or organization can protect the world alone. We are focused on building an ecosystem of cyber warriors who are ready to create new defense tactics and take pride in stopping the bad guys.