Symantec VIP Access Manager

Included with VIP Enterprise two-factor authentication, a single access point to protect your cloud and on-premise web apps via Single Sign-On (SSO)

Passwordless Intelligent Authentication

Authenticate to any cloud application while employing our Global Intelligence Network to perform risk-analysis and detect location-based anomalies

Passwordless, on and off-network authentication fusing integrated desktop and our one-touch Symantec VIP authentication for easy access.

Identity Is the New Perimeter for Cloud Services

Consolidate authentication into a single control point and portal your enterprise uses for web authentication

Harden your single control point with attribute/role-based access control policies and either Symantec VIP two-factor authentication or Symantec Managed PKI.


Other Resources

VIP Access Manager - Our Key to Cloud Applications

Read about Symantec’s SSO journey and the lessons we’ve learned—many of which have helped to improve Symantec’s SSO offering to our customers and ourselves.

Legal Information

Learn more about legal terms, policies and notices.

License and Service Terms & Repository

System Requirements

Integration with Identity Providers
  • Built-in User Directory or any IDP that supports SAML including: LDAP, Active Directory, and RDBMS
Built-in connector for integration with strong authentication technologies such as:
  • Symantec VIP Service One-Time-Password (OTP)
  • Digital certificates through Managed PKI Service
  • RSA SecurID token (OTP)
Web browser support - PC
  • Internet Explorer®
  • FireFox®
  • Chrome™
  • Safari®
Gateway and Identity Bridges

Gateway and Identity Bridges are virtual appliances compatible with VMware virtualization architectures. General requirements are noted here:

  • Virtual Appliance Configuration
    • 2 CPU, 8GB RAM
    • 64GB disk; initial utilization ~4GB
    • 3 Network Adapters: Public, Gateway-to-Gateway and Internal
    • CentOS Operating System
  • vPlatform
    • Gateway and Identity Bridge delivered in OVA format
    • VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation (lab)
  • Initial setup via Virtual Console
  • Internet access require for updates


Options are used to extend the functionality of the base products. Add-ons are additional products that work with the original product.

Strong Authentication

Symantec VIP Access Manager provides options for deploying Strong Authentication that can be implemented at initial login, in addition to a "step-up" policy for any web application that warrants it. Bundled connectors are built-in for:

  • Symantec VIP Service One-time Password (OTP)
  • Symantec Managed PKI Service digital certificates
  • RSA SecurID token (OTP)

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