Encryption, powered by PGP

Protect your information–wherever it is.

Safeguard data on computers, laptops, tablets, hard drives, removable media, files, email systems, and cloud-based applications (including SaaS) – allowing you to collaborate with confidence.

Gain visibility into encrypted traffic to detect malware, facilitate compliance, and secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices without compromising performance.

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Endpoint Encryption


File Share Encryption


Desktop Email Encryption


Gateway Email Encryption


Cloud Data Protection and Security

Symantec Cloud Data Protection delivers encryption and tokenization to assist with compliance for cloud SaaS applications like Salesforce, Oracle and ServiceNow.

Command Line


Protect Information, Comply with Regulations

Encrypt hard drives and removable media

Your staff relies on mobility and anywhere-access to stay productive. Unfortunately, your sensitive data may be unknowingly synchronized from the cloud, and at risk when devices are lost or stolen.

Symantec Endpoint Encryption protects sensitive information and ensures regulatory compliance. It encrypts all files on the hard drive, sector-by-sector, for maximum security. It supports Windows, Mac, tablets, self-encrypting drives, and removable media (USB drives, external hard drives, and DVDs). For maximum flexibility, Symantec Endpoint Encryption also manages BitLocker and File Vault-protected devices.

  • Launch and manage encryption from a single console
  • Facilitate user access with single sign-on support
  • Minimize risks associated with devices and removable media
  • Supports Symantec, BitLocker and File Vault encryption

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Information Centric Encryption

采用 Symantec Information Centric Encryption 检测并保护云环境中的企业敏感数据。 根据数据泄露防护策略自动加密敏感数据,支持随时随地根据用户身份触发解密程序。实时监控和更改权限,有助于您随时保护本地或云中的信息。

  • 丰富 DLP Cloud 或云访问安全代理 (CASB) 的功能
  • 自动保护储存到 Box 或 One Drive 环境的数据
  • 借助 Windows 或 Mac 系统实用工具或 iOS 应用程序进行解密


Protect Sensitive Data in Motion and at Rest

Encryption at the gateway, desktop, and mobile

Symantec Gateway Email Encryption provides centrally-managed, secure communications with customers and partners at the network gateway. It minimizes the risk of a data breach while ensuring regulatory compliance. For desktop applications, Symantec Desktop Email Encryption automatically encrypts and decrypts email directly between internal clients without the need to log in to a third-party website.

  • Protect sensitive email-borne information (internal and external)
  • Secure communications between you, partners, and customers
  • Ensure that mobile email is as secure as on-premises
  • Configure encryption using centrally managed rules
  • Integrates with Symantec Data Loss Prevention

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Protect Data in Legacy Business Processes

Implement PGP-based security

Because traditional file transfer and email protocols often lack built-in security, many legacy systems are vulnerable to security breaches. Symantec Command Line protects critical data to ensure confidentiality and authenticity in trusted data transactions. Powered by PGP technology, it integrates easily into existing business processes and protects information on servers from unauthorized access.

  • Secure data at rest, in motion, and in use
  • Establish an enterprise-wide common encryption standard
  • Use digital signatures to generate audit trails

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 极大提高企业安全防护水平


  • Endpoint Protection Cloud

    Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud 是专为中小型企业量身定制的云安全解决方案。

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