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Symantec Ideas

Created: 28 Oct 2010 • Updated: 28 Oct 2010 • 6 comments
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Do you have an enhancement request that would make Symantec Data Loss Prevention better or would improve the usability of the product?

If you are not aware, Symantec Connect has an ideas portal for submitting and tracking enhancement requests.  Once your idea has been submitted, other community members can add comments and vote on it.  The most popular ideas move to the top where they are reviewed by Symantec Product Managers.  Look here for a quick demo of how ideas works.


Curtis Carroll
Symantec DLP Product Manager

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just a test, I wonder how to publish such ideas to here from SORT website?

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Dear Symantec,


1. please enhance alerts, notifications, warnings on email for DLOs.

2. that would be as manual backup job started by administrator for 'abc' user

3. schedule job started for 'abc' user ('n' nos)

4. schedule job completed for 'abc' user ('n' nos)

5. In DLO console, it shows job schedule for users

6. while backup job working, client side try shows and on that, workoffline, exit will appear when right clicking. its harm the backup job.

my suggestion is on tray agent will show, but no option will appear.


please make these enhancements on next patch release. so administrator can easily findout failed job, cancelled jobs.




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SCSIraidGURU's picture

Symantec Endpoint Protection.

1.) Only update changes to virus definitions instead of bringing down the entire file each time.
2.) Stop the quick scan on virus definition releases. It ties up workstations 5-10 minutes several times a day.
3.) Do a clean install on new releases instead of side by side. I am tired of having to manually clean up workstations with your utility and having all the legacy stuff left behind that causes extra scans and other issues. I rather have it uninstall, reboot, and install the new release clean.

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BrownAZ's picture

Please read: ...Symantec Data Loss Prevention

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Abhisek's picture

Hi Symanetc,

Incorporate the following features in Syamnatec Mail Gateway solution.


1. Option to quarantine mails in non-english language(chineese, russian, korean, japanese, etc.). As of now there is no such feature availbale and the mails get deletd.


2. Whitelisting a domian/speciifc mail-ID from reverse DNS lookup. Currently, even if we add them in the "Allowed Domain" group, it is not bypassed from reverse DNS lookup.

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mgalvin1016's picture

Had a possible improvement request in the download software section of MYSymantec Licensing site...

I often find it confusing to know exactly what Files  to download when doing upgrades to my symantec software... so I was thinking if they would just add a short blurb about what each download was including the Version number (for example Endpoint Protection ver. 12.4.4023.4048) and mabye a link to the installation instructions or upgrade instruction for each particular download .. if would be benifical to be less confusing at time of download just a thought ..




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