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Old PC AND Old PGP Desktop: Transfer?

Created: 22 May 2013 • Updated: 22 May 2013 | 2 comments
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I have a user whose PC needs to be replaced: both using XP.  The old system has PGP Freeware V6.5, which I know is no longer available.  We are ready to upgrade to the appropriate Symantec security product, but would like to keep the current keys, if possible.

a) What is the equivalent current Symantec product? 

b) Can the current keys be transferred, and if so, how is that done?

c) I want to create a 'back up' system in case (or when....) the primary system fails: am I correct that the backup needs its own copy of the appropriate software?



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You are correct that the very old 6.5 versions are no longer available.  The current versions are 10.3.x.  The purchased license determines what components are available for use.  Please take a look at the current products, by their now Symantec names at   I suspect you will want something like Desktop Email Encryption, or one of the Encryption Desktop options.  You can choose one of these links and then choose the option of Chatting with Sales for more specific questions as to which license might best serve your needs.

You can still use your current keys, if you are satisfied with them, rather than using some of the more secure options that have since become available.  The easiest way of transfering them to your new install is by copying your existing keyrings to the new machine; then when the new install asks if you have existing keyrings you want to use, point the way to them and accept the offer of having them copied to the default location.

If you want the backup system to have the same functionality with the PGP/SED software, you need to have it installed on both systems.

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Thanks for your reply, Tom.  I'm pretty sure the user requires the Encryption Desktop.  Your instructions are very clear and I'm going to 'mark as solution' this enquiry.